• Direct Routes

    We provide exclusive direct CLI termination. No hubbing.

  • Domestic & International

    Direct termination to Asia, Latin America and the USA.

  • Carriers' Seamless Communications

    The best quality proposal for your telecommunications company.


About Us



The company builds and operates high quality communications networks between Asia, the United States and destinations in Central and South America. The company transports today 1 billion+ minutes per year.

  • A multicultural team with offices in 5 countries
  • 175 international customers, 50% of them retail
  • 10 new customers every month
  • 1 Billion+ minutes per year
  • 92% of its traffic routed CLI only
  • 24 x 7 Engineering Service Support


Established in 2007, Coast Communications Corp. is a boutique provider of international and domestic switched voice services to the worlds telecommunication operators and VoIP retail providers. Coast Communications Corp. customers and suppliers include, fixed line operators, mobile operators, retail and VoIP service providers, who buy and sell voice and IP telecommunications services.

The company specialized in serving the US market until the end of 2011 when it entered in the wholesale arena to transport its organic traffic to international incumbent operators.

Main Markets

Coast Communications Corp. has traders in Argentina, Brazil, India, Mexico and the US and has a dynamic platform with embedded intelligence, which includes profitability benchmarking, call routing, credit management, network quality visibility and loss prevention.

Despite the evolution of technology and the commoditization of international calls, its trading philosophy remains focused on transparent and durable human relationships. Along with partners positioned in well specified markets.

Please contact us by mail or by phone to analyze a possible cooperation.

  • 1 Billion Minutes

    Per year to 175 destinations worldwide

  • 52% Retail Traffic

    To ensure high quality traffic for your network

  • 10 New customers

    Per month connected to Coast Communications Corp./p>



Domestic and International

Coast Communications Corp. built strategic reciprocal agreements with incumbent and other licensed carriers worldwide to aggregate their retail traffic and afford premium quality and scalable capacity at competitive rates. Last Mile focuses in domestic NPA-NXX termination in the US and direct connectivity to 21 countries in Asia, Central and South America being voice quality our main concern. Initially, we focused on delivering quality voice services and products to medium sized and boutique retail businesses in the US. Our originated traffic and quality termination encouraged many of the world's largest telecommunication carriers to connect to Coast Communications Corp., to send and receive their traffic using our facilities. We guarantee an an end to end solution with no quality compromise:

  • Direct connection using TDM or VoIP
  • CLI (Caller Line Identification) when the destination legal environment supports it
  • Permanent verification of CLI delivery and measurement of Voice Quality (Roaming verification, FAS free, etc.)
  • A state of the art global backbone

Please do contact us. Whether you're located in the Americas, Asia or any other continent, we will be happy to share visions and interests with your company.

  • 24/7/365

    Network Operation Center in India, Mexico and the USA

  • TDM or VOiP

    Connection to ensure a unified communication network

  • A to Z routed 82% CLI

    To guarantee delivery to your retail subscribers




coast communications corp's teams of engineers in Miami, Mexico and Buenos Aires maintain a 24 hr., 365 day Network Operations center to provision, route and maintain quality on the network.
coast communications corp's routing and pricing softwares provide:

  • Advanced dynamic routing and margin control
  • Real time SWAP analysis
  • Real time profitability reporting
  • Real time network quality reporting and control

The following protocols and codecs are supported by coast communications corp's network:

  • SS7 interconnections
  • SIP or H323
  • G729, G723 and G711 codecs

We combine soft switches and session border controllers into a single solution, bringing our customers' a product they can truly trust.




Are you looking for an opportunity to succeed and grow professionally? Do you want to join a worldwide culture and expert wholesale team? Do you need to put your contacts at work?

Work Climate

We offer a dynamic work environment where you'll benefit from the innovative thinking and progressive policies that result from working with some of the industry's leading experts.


We believe in human relationships and in a diverse workforce which reflect our global footprint. It will help us meet the needs of our global customers. Please do send your resume to hrm@Coastcommunicationscorp.com

Meet Us

Balkans 2016

Balkans 2016 will be taking place on April 5 & 6 Bucharest. If you wish to meet us, please send us an email to contact@coastcommunicationscorp.com and we will be happy to schedule a meeting with your representative.

ITW 2016

ITW 2016 will be taking place on May 8-11 in Chicago. If you wish to meet us, please send us a mail to contact@coastcommunicationscorp.com and we will be happy to schedule a meeting with your representative.


Coming Soon

coast communications corp attends several trade shows worldwide every year. Please send us a mail to contact@coastcommunicationscorp.com to meet one of our representative at any of those events. We'll be glad to discuss Telecom matters.

Contact Us


Contact Us

You'll be assured a warm welcome and we will be delighted to discuss your mobile or fixed line telecom needs. Whether you're a large incumbent, a Start Up or a medium sized retail operator, we'll help you to identify a solution that works best for you.

Our sales' team is trained to involve our engineering team in your particular needs and uncovering opportunities. We combine industry knowledge with the best network systems and tools to ensure great customer satisfaction for incumbents and landline owners around the world.


Find Us


Coast Communications Corp.

929 108th Avenue NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Telephone:: 425 615 7370

Email: sales@coastcommunicationscorp.com


Coast Communications Corp.

1700 Westlake Ave N,  Seattle, WA 98109

Telephone:: 425 615 7370

Email: contact@coastcommunicationscorp.com